Company Profile

  • Company Name
    MJG Co., Ltd.
  • Board Member
    Motoki Tamura
    Takashi Mizobuchi
    Takahiro Doiuchi
  • Established
    July 2017
  • Location
    • Headquarter
      3rd Floor, Hama-Rikyu The Tower,
      1-3-1 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku,
      Tokyo, 105-0013, Japan
    • Osaka Office
      Mori-kawa Sakuizumi Industrial Bldg,
      1-6-17 Senrioka, Settsushi,
      Osaka, 566-0001, Japan
    • MJG International, Inc.
      248 E. 50th St. #2N
      New York, NY 10022, USA
    • Japan Manufacturing AI Robotics
      149 New Montgomery St.
      San Francisco, CA 94105, USA

Group Company Information

  • Factory Automation Devices Group
  • Metal Processing Group
  • Building Materials Logistics
    Manufacturing Group
  • Resin & Specialty
    Processing Group
  • Food Manufacturing Group
  • Semiconductor
    Manufacturing Group
  • FA Systems Co., Ltd.
    Development, design, and manufacturing of automated machines, including inspection equipment, measuring devices, labor-saving machinery, and assembly systems.
    Development and integration of control systems and embedded software for control and inspection equipment, as well as various application software.
    Expertise in the development of barcode systems.
  • Matex Seiko Co., Ltd.
    Development, design, and manufacturing of small crank presses, small hydraulic presses, hand presses, and various specialized machines.
  • Koei Sangyo Co., Ltd.
    Designs and manufactures equipment for powder and granular materials, liquid processing equipment, sheet metal, welding, and other related services.
  • KSLinks Co., Ltd.
    Vibrating sieve equipment, plant engineering, precision devices, and industrial machinery.
  • FAT Co., Ltd.
    Design and development engineering of inspection and manufacturing equipment for semiconductors and electronic components, as well as OEM services for medical devices.
  • Seishin Kikou Co., Ltd.
    Specializing in the planning, design, manufacturing, and sales of dedicated machine tools.
  • SUN KOHGYO Co., Ltd
    Selling and equipment engineering of machine tools, production facilities, precision instruments, and similar items.
  • ADL Co., Ltd.
    Design, development, and sales of optical equipment and devices.
  • Kaneko Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
    Press and sheet metal processing of precision machine components. Specializing in cabinet design, fabrication, and mass production. Also providing assembly of electronic devices and 3D machining equipment.
  • Dowa Keikinzoku Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturing of welded aluminum products and wholesale distribution of aluminum materials.
  • Seikou Kogyo Co., Ltd.
    Specializing in high-volume production processing and mold fabrication of precision machine components through press manufacturing. Also providing prototyping and non-mass production processing using turret punches, laser cutting machines, and press brakes. Additionally offering sheet metal processing, welding assembly, and cutting processing through machining centers.
  • Nakajo Koki Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturing of industrial machinery and labor-saving machine parts. Specializing in jig and tool manufacturing.
  • Hirosawa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
    Metal press manufacturing, processing, and assembly.
  • Miyazaki Tekkousho Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturing of pinions and machining of automobile components.
  • Koukisha Co., Ltd.
    Surface treatment (vacuum deposition) for automobile lamps.
  • Kajiume Kogyo Co., Ltd.
    The surface treatment (vacuum deposition) processing of automobile lamps and similar components.
  • Kusao Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturing of steel stairs, steel handrails, and steel structures.
  • Yutaka Kogyo Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturing and construction of steel structures (Certified as M-Grade* by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism).
    *M-Grade is the highest standard of quality and safety for steel structures, ensuring that our structures are built to last and are safe for people to use.
  • Metatsu Co., Ltd.
    Sale of architectural hardware, building materials, and manufacturing/installation of stainless steel hardware.
  • Koshiba System Service Co., Ltd.
    Sales and coordination of logistics equipment.
  • Tokyo Hoil Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturing of various types of heat transfer foils.
  • Tokyo Nisshin Jabara Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturing of Jabara products (accordion-like flexible ducts) and non-metallic expansion joint products. Development, design, and manufacturing of FN tape and green covers.
  • Hinode Jushi Kogyo Co., Ltd.
    Specializing in synthetic resin coloring processing, resin colorants, additives, and special resins. Development and manufacturing of these products.
  • Okidoki Co., Ltd.
    Planning, design, and manufacturing of licensed character products.
  • Tamakane Co., Ltd.
    Manufacture and wholesale of household goods and miscellaneous goods, wholesale of mirrors, glass, etc.
  • KOEI FOODS Co., Ltd.
    Cooking and confectionery bread manufacturing. Providing school lunches and rice supply.
  • Atlas Planning Co., Ltd. / Bakubaku Workshop Co., Ltd.
    Development and manufacturing of processed foods, including specialty functional foods, and provide development and contract processing support for other processed foods.
  • Filesta Sales Co., Ltd.
    Development, design, and manufacturing of food processing machinery.
    Semiconductor circuit design, board design, implementation, manufacturing, and electronic device manufacturing.

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